Systems and Technology

In today’s interconnected world, the way we work is rapidly changing. Due to technology and global competition, business has become more complex, interdependent and volatile. This has direct influence on the workers and the workplace. Thus, Freightwings recognizes that information technology can be a strategic business tool.

We use information technology extensively. Most of our applications are on the cloud which enables us work from anywhere and anytime, and ensures the applications’ maximum availability. The ecommerce portal of the Customs Department and their associated software are used.

E-booking is done for all cargo meant for airlines. The status of the consignments is tracked via the respective tracking software available with the airline or shipping company. This ensures that information regarding every consignment handled by us is available on tap. We also use various software for efficient operations within Freightwings.

Cloud Based applications, Customer Portal, Ebooking Softwares, Cargo tracking software & more.

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