Corporate Social Responsibility

Today Corporate Social Responsibility plays a major and positive role in understanding the value of life of the less fortunate and this understanding brings a change in the lives of human beings all around.

Freightwings & Travels Pvt. Ltd was formed in 1979 by two brothers of Indian origin. Their dedication and perfectionism has continued for more than three decades in this industry by providing excellent customer service to its customers.

  • Freightwings & Travels Pvt. Ltd. has excelled in business and also promoted service to humanity in various sectors that is beneficial to the under privileged through various channels including Rotary International, Trusts and NGO’s.
  • A Private Trust is also being run by the brothers that looks after the welfare of the less fortunate community.
  • They have also provided Financial Aid to reputed NGO’s for:
    • Children’s Education: the future of tomorrow
    • Save a Child: financial aid for children’s medical treatment
    • Adhar: an NGO shelter for Special children and senior citizens, that care for them lifelong
  • One of our Directors is a long serving Rotarian who truly believes and practises "Service above self", the motto of Rotary International.
  • Our Directors also strongly believe in the saying by His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama, "Our prime purpose in life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them."

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